Our Love Story


How We Met

The short version of this story is we met in college while studying Photography.

The long version goes like this: We had three classes together one semester in our last year at California State University, Sacramento (or Sac State if you prefer). And try not to roll your eyes when I say this… but the moment we saw each other we both knew. Cheesy? Yes. True? Yep. Unfortunately, we were both shy, so even though we were both staring at each other in secret during our classes, we didn’t speak for a while. Finally, Kevin got up the courage to ask the question every young college girl wants to hear: “Will you teach me to knit?”


Ok, let me explain. I used to knit during classes to keep my hands busy during class. It worked for me. I was able to knit while also listening to lectures. It was a step up from doodling on my note book, which then at the end of class I would look up from my drawings and say, “Wait, what just happened?”

So yes, our first date I taught Kevin how to knit. Which began Kevin’s great passion for knitting. Ok, that part is not true. He finished the hat, and never knit another dang thing in his life. But it did start the beginning of our relationship.

We dated for a year and got engaged. Four months later, we got married in Kirkwood, California. And it has been pretty great ever since.

After three years of marriage we welcomed our son, Levi. Then less than two years later, came Asher. We love them like WHOA. But you gotta feel kinda bad for the kids. Two photographers as parents? Yeah, they have had their fair share of photos taken.

Although it would be a great story if I said it was our plan all along to become a dynamic wedding duo, that wasn’t really the case. We did have photography in common from the very beginning, but if you asked us in college if we wanted to shoot weddings, we probably both would have said no. Until we shot a few weddings and we realized how FUN it is! We get to hang out with people in love on one of the greatest days of their lives and go to a party at the end. Uh, yeah. Sign us up.

We love LOVE. We love being in love. We love the love of our son. We love couples in love. And we would LOVE to meet you!





Photo Credit: Cassey Wagner


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